Picture of Leland Saunders

I’m an Associate Professor of Philosophy at Seattle Pacific University. My primary research interests are in empirical approaches to moral psychology, moral debunking arguments, character, and virtue. I also teach a wide range of courses in value theory, including ethical theory, social ethics, political philosophy, and aesthetics, as well as symbolic logic and UCOR 3000. I am also coach of the SPU ethics bowl team.

Current Courses: Fall 2020

PHI 2222

Social Ethics

Recent Publications

Saunders, Leland F. (forthcoming) “Virtues as Reasons Structures,” Philosophical Studies

Stichter, Matt and Leland Saunders (2019) “Positive psychology and virtue: Values in action,” The Journal of Positive Psychology, 14(1); 1-5.

Saunders, Leland F. (2018) “The Necessity of Moral Reasoning,” The Journal of Value Inquiry 52(1) pp. 37-57. DOI 10.1007/s10790-017-9601-1

Saunders, Leland F. (2016) “Reason and Emotion, Not Reason or Emotion in Moral Judgment,” Philosophical Explorations, 19 (3); 252-267.