I’m an Associate Professor of Philosophy at Seattle Pacific University. My primary research interests are in empirical approaches to moral psychology, moral debunking arguments, character, and virtue. I also teach a wide range of courses in value theory, including ethical theory, social ethics, political philosophy, and aesthetics, as well as symbolic logic and UCOR 3000. I am also coach of the SPU ethics bowl team.

Current Courses: Spring 2021

PHI 3651

Contemporary Ethical Theory

UCOR 3000

Faith, Philosophy, and Science

Recent Publications

Saunders, Leland F. (forthcoming) “Virtues as Reasons Structures,” Philosophical Studies Online-First: DOI: 10.1007/s11098-020-01584-y

Stichter, Matt and Leland Saunders (2019) “Positive psychology and virtue: Values in action,” The Journal of Positive Psychology, 14(1); 1-5.

Saunders, Leland F. (2018) “The Necessity of Moral Reasoning,” The Journal of Value Inquiry 52(1) pp. 37-57. DOI 10.1007/s10790-017-9601-1

Saunders, Leland F. (2016) “Reason and Emotion, Not Reason or Emotion in Moral Judgment,” Philosophical Explorations, 19 (3); 252-267.